Am I Overweight?

Are you overweight or just carrying a few extra pounds? Take the "Am I Overweight" quiz and find out.

Am I Overweight?? Find out with the short, accurate Am I Overweight? quiz.:

1. When I step on the scale....
a)  I'm happy with the results
b)  it flashes "one at a time please"
c)  I hear cracking noises and springs shoot out of it.
d)  It barely moves.
e)  The needle reads 150lbs - after making at least one complete circle.

2. Be honest. Are you eating something while taking this quiz?
a)  om nom nom nom mumble spit..... no!
b)  I wasn't, but since you suggested it, brb....
c)  What kind of loser eats at the computer?.
d)  Not anymore. The rood ran out a while ago.

3. When somebody thinner than you complains about their weight you...
a)   agree that they could stand to lose a few pounds.
b)   wonder what the hell they're talking abut.
c)   Secretly desire to punch them.
d)   People thinner than me usually only complain about my weight.

4. How would you describe your clothes?
a)  I usually buy my clothes at stores in the mall.
b)  I buy my clothes at the mall too, and my fat hangs nicely out of them.
c)  Who needs clothes when you can't get out of bed?
d)  You can get a good deal on used army parachutes to wear as shirts.

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